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About The client

Venbit is a graphic design company based in the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Redmond areas. They offer a broad range of online marketing services.

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About The Project

Venbit approached me to help them covert their Photoshop model into a live website.

About The Project Needs

Deliver a WordPress website.

Research & Discovery

Venbit's project design had a good layout. It was open and benefited from wide imagery. What they needed was someone to take it from a Photoshop image to the actual HTML markup.

Concept & Design

There wasn't much I needed to do, as far as designing goes. Being that Venbit wanted a WordPress website, all I needed to do was code it.

Launch & Delivery

Once the back-end coding was complete all what was left was to deliver the site. From there, Venbit would populate it with content using one of the easiest Content Management Systems a.k.a. WordPress.