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Point Inside

About The client

The Future of Retail. Today. Help mobile shoppers search, plan, and complete their in-store shopping trips with Point Inside's digital in-store product location solutions.

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About The Project

Point Inside was promoting their business at a kiosk during the Geek Wire Bash event. They were in need of a banner for their kiosk and they needed it fast.

About The Project Needs

Point Inside was in need of a 6.5' x 2.5' event banner for their kiosk at the GeekWire Bash. Pretty straight foward, folks. Oh, they needed it like yesterday! No worries...I delivered the day-before-yesterday!

  • A 6.5' x 2.5' Event Banner

Research & Discovery

Point Inside's project was a fairly simple one to deliver. They needed an event banner that focused on their logo and that displayed to the people that the event was presented by them, indeed

Concept & Design

Point Inside had somewhat of an idea for the design and just needed someone with the knowhow and eye to make the necessary tweaks.

I got to work and applied some design concepts to lead the viewers through the flow of the banner. By applying the flow of things to the design, it would allow the viewer to know what's going on and as the eyes flowed downward without any effort, the viewer would know who presented the event, Point Inside.

Launch & Delivery

After a choosing the final design and making a few tweaks, their new event banner was delivered. It's always a great feeling knowing one if completely satisfied with what they requested. Especially, when they email you stating, "It's perfect!"