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Better Man Conference

About The client

The groundbreaking BETTER MAN CONFERENCE brings together hundreds of men from all levels and industries for leadership training, networking and inspiration. We will help you educate and empower men in your company to become more successful in leading their teams, companies and communities.

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About The Project

The Better Man Conference is an event hosted by Mr. Ray Arata, to better the work enviornment and promote gender equality and respect. I was excited when I was requested to design some marketing collateral for the Better Man Conference project event. One of the marketing collateral they needed was a flier to promote their event. They needed it to be informative, slick, and confident.

About The Project Needs

Project consisted of marketing collateral such as:

  • fliers
  • website management
  • registration pages
  • event information

Research & Discovery

Being that the Better Man Conference is a huge event with the attendance of very important people from around the world, I knew I wanted to make their event flier be top-notch.

When it came to their event flier, I wanted it to be clean, sharp, and informative. I looked around for inspiration from other huge conference events and found that they all conveyed a common characteristic: Confidence.

Concept & Design

I went through a few concept designs to make sure I had the right idea of what I wanted to portray. I applied what I knew about the project and its foundation.

Before I even think about touching a keyboard, I sketch. Sketching allows the mind to flow without boundaries. One of the elements of design is to portray the emotion/idea of what the design needs to present.

In the end, I knew that the Better Man Conference was just that...a conference. And conferences are full of people filled with ideas and energy. This particular conference would be held in San Francisco! So, I chose to connect the reader to one of the most famous icons of San Francisco and I added dotted lines to convey energy.

Launch & Delivery

After a few minor changes to the final concept, the flier was delivered and a success! I conveyed the strength and confidence of the Better Man Conference by using the logo's color scheme. I added minor destails that make or break a design such as a faded border, barely-visible-dashes that give texture and depth.

A designer that pays attention to these small, almost unseen design elements is the type of designer that knows how to take ordinary concepts and make them extraordinary.

I must say, Mr. Arata, founder of Better Man Conference, is one of the most easy-to-work-with person I've had the pleasure of working with and look forward to working with in the future.