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Ways to avoid getting scammed!

image of how to avoid being scammedAs we get closer to the holiday season we need to be aware of the different problems that come with it.  People are always looking for a way to come up with different schemes to get money easily. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to keep an eye out for them all for your safety and the people that you love’s safety.

They look at many different things and look to take many different things. They can try to take as little as a dollar and sometimes people can lose their whole retirement fund in one night. Making yourself aware of the issues is the first step to protect yourself from all the scams that are going on and the scams to come. The best way to try to prevent any scammers from getting your money or belongings is to know what to look out for. Now I don’t know it all but I can tell you what I do know.

This holiday season like many more past holiday seasons there are so many people trying to scam innocent people. They will try to scam you by calling, texting, email, phone call or even people standing outside of stores lying to people to get them to donate. No matter what kind of scam you run into you want to know that it is a scam for your own well-being. You need to stay vigilant and make sure that you are never sending money to anyone you don’t know. Companies generally don’t call you to ask for personal information so that you can get serviced by them.

Around this time of year we always seem to get more spam calls and those can be dangerous. They will call your phone and say they are from the social security office, or any other company you might be affiliated with in any way and ask you to give them all of your private information. Do not fall for these kinds of scams, it never ends well for the person who is getting scammed. They might even try to text your phone and tell you to go to a website to enter your info. So make sure that any time you are going to a website you double check that it is a secure website. Most times when they do these types of scams they take their time to make sure that their website really closely resembles the actual website they are trying to duplicate.

image of email protectionA lot of times around this time of year we have a lot of scam emails in our inboxes. Due to scammers getting ahold of your email and then sending you emails that look just like the email that you may get from the office they say sent it. Being careful around this time of year is very important because the scams are everywhere. Most times they really sound like who they say they are. They are well rehearsed and well informed so they will really lead you to believe they are who they say they are.

Sometimes people are even able to make a phone call to you , make it really seem like they are the legitimate company. So people give them info and they send you an email with a link. In that link there is a file that they add to your computer so that they can either see everything you type or just steal all of your info and most people check all kinds of stuff on their computer from banking to dating. So be careful what you open, be careful who you give your information to and most of all take care of yourself and the ones you love around these crazy times.

Last but not least there is the good old fashion , I have a sick _____ (insert anything) here scam. People are known to lie about having sick relatives or even that someone died to try to get people to donate to them. So make sure you don’t just give anyone money make sure they really need it. You could ask if they possibly have a gofundme or a page where you can send money from there. So please watch out for yourselves. Have a good holiday season.

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