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SSL and how to make sure you are protected.

photo of ssl protection

What is SSL and how does it work and why is it important?

While browsing the internet you’ve probably at least once thought about how exactly do these websites keep my information safe? This would be a great question to ask yourself and the answer is with encryptions.

So, SSL itself stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. Just like the name indicates it secures sensitive information that goes over the internet from consumer to the website. This prevents criminals and hackers from being able to just read the information out right, all the coding that is being sent over from client to server gets encrypted with a random algorithm. When you see https:// at the beginning of the websites, all this means is that the particular website uses some form of SSL. It is safe to assume that the website is somewhat secure.

If you are deciding to sell things on your website you are going to want to protect your clients information and make sure that you build that trust with them. It will bring customers back to your website to purchase more and word of mouth that your website is secure and gives clients a peace of mind knowing that their information is safe when they put their sensitive information into your website to purchase a product. It is really important that SSL be used on your website because it secures all the sensitive data being transferred from client to your website. Without securing your website with an SSL certificate, any hacker could easily read the data from your website and this would cause a lot of problems for your customers.

Customers’ private and sensitive information should be very important for you to protect. If your website doesn’t protect their information, and they end up getting credit card fraud or identity theft because of your website then they will no longer be a customer and they will want some type of legal action taken so that they can be made whole. To avoid this, it is best to get an SSL certificate for your website, securing the https in front of your website’s name, because some customers don’t know what the https even means.

Without an SSL certificate, your website will just have http, the s at the end of https actually does stand for secure. Letting any potential consumers know that your website has an up to date SSL certificate and is safe to browse and input any credit card or personal information without any worries. In a more straightforward definition of SSL it is a protocol for web browsers and also servers that allows for authentication, decryption, and encryption. So the protocol does not only protect the sensitive information of the customer, it makes sure that everything is authenticated. The purchase of SSL is simple and not too complicated to install. Once you have bought SSL, you’re really buying a SSL certificate, once you have the certificate purchased you can then activate said certificate, then you install the certificate on your website and update your website and you will see your website go from http to of someone being protected by ssl

It is very important that your website has an SSL certificate especially if you are selling goods or any type of merchandise where private personal information will be gathered to receive funds from the consumer. As the owner of the website, you do not want hackers to intercept any sensitive information from your customers and take their personal information for their own usage. Just by seeing the s at the end of https, might persuade hackers from even attempting to hack your website, because there will be other easier targets out there that do not have any type of SSL certificates. While the customer’s private information is being entered and on transit to

your website’s server, it gets encrypted by SSL’s algorithm so that it is entirely unreadable. Once it gets to its destination it is then decrypted for your server and authenticated. In short, SSL is an easy no brainer that any website owner that is selling merchandise or goods to have on their website. It gives not only the customers a peace of mind that your website is safe and secure but it also gives you a peace of mind running your website the right way and protecting sensitive information that is being shared on your website.