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Love is in the air during the month of February!

Just like love, marketing is a constant project that is always changing, always growing.  Within the MonkeyZone, you’ll gain knowledge about anything design and development.  You’ll understand why things are done a certain way, why we chose to use a certain color or what are some best practices!  The Monkey Zone is all very exciting.  So, grab your notepad and enjoy the articles and who doesn’t like to be given some loving?

  • photo of ssl protection

    SSL and how to make sure you are protected.

    photo of ssl protection

    What is SSL and how does it work and why is it important?

    While browsing the internet you’ve probably at least once thought about how exactly do these websites keep my information safe? This would be a great question to ask yourself and the answer is with encryptions. (more…)

  • image of email protection

    Ways to avoid getting scammed!

    image of how to avoid being scammedAs we get closer to the holiday season we need to be aware of the different problems that come with it.  People are always looking for a way to come up with different schemes to get money easily. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to keep an eye out for them all for your safety and the people that you love’s safety. (more…)

  • email marketing image

    Best Time To Send Your Email Marketing Campaign

    email marketing image

    You want to grow your business. You know that email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your services. But, do you know what is the best time to send out your email marketing campaigns? The time of day and the day you send them have a significant impact on your open rates ¬— the count of how many recipients opened your email. Schedule it for the perfect time and success! Today, you’ll find out when is the best time to schedule your email marketing campaign and how we came about with this data. (more…)

  • Cynicism…Party of No Thank You!

    During a design project with a team, there are many ideas and opinions being thrown in all directions. Each one held dearly by its creator. There can not be any cynicism in the room where precious thoughts are being born. (more…)

  • User Research: Meeting your user’s expectations!

    You’re about to start working on a web service for your customers. Question now is whether or not your project will meet your user’s expectations. Any company that has ever worked on a product or service has always needed to do market research. It’s the process which will allow the company to gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences. User Research is similar in which it’ll allow the company to gain knowledge on what are the expectations of the customer and how to meet them. So, now you need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it to do User Research?” (more…)

  • Custom vs. Template Website

    So you’re thinking of getting a website, but don’t know if you should go custom-built or template-based with WordPress or other 3rd party themes — Wix, Squarespace among others. With the following information, we hope it will help you determine whether custom or template is the best choice for your business. Just know that you can’t go wrong with either one, but you can go wrong with neither one. (more…)

  • Color Psychology – How Colors Make You Feel

    Colored pencilsSo, you’re out shopping and you find this awesome new bicycle.  It has an awesome slick design, great gears, light-weight, and a great price!  It’s the bike you’ve always been looking for.  Oh, and it’s hot-pink?  Unless you love hot-pink, chances are you’ll be disappointed and not buy it.  Why is that?  It has all the latest and greatest necessities, but you chose to not buy it.  All because of its color.  This is where color psychology comes in.

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